Sollatek India Technologies Private Limited was established in 2010 as Local Sollatek Company (LSC) of the UK based Sollatek Group. Sollatek India aims to provide consumers and businesses suffering from power problems, with state of the art products to control and regulate incoming power, in order to ensure safety and functionality of electrical equipment.

Founded in 1983, Sollatek (UK) Ltd flourished with its patented design for an Automatic Voltage Switcher (AVS). Since then, Sollatek has become a leading manufacturer of solutions to provide clean, safe and reliable power to consumer and industrial electrical equipment, targeting areas suffering from erratic power supply. Our wide range of automatic voltage stabilizer's, regulators, guards and switchers provide the ultimate protection for applications ranging from household appliances, to telecom towers and industry.

In 1987, Sollatek entered the solar power market, thereby extending its range of power quality solutions. We have designed and produced many thousands of bespoke systems which have been installed around the world, many for large developments supported and financed by the World Bank.

Sollatek has pioneered the field of voltage protection, temperature control and energy saving solutions for refrigeration OEMS, with millions of our units having been installed in refrigerators worldwide.

The Sollatek brand is a household name in many parts of the world due to its unbeatable quality and service, and currently has offices and an active distribution network in over 30 countries around the world.

All our products are designed and engineer at our 30,000sqft R&D facility in the UK, near London Heathrow Airport. To ensure all our products are manufactured to these high standards, a stage by stage inspection and assessment is carried out during manufacture, culminating in final and full functionality testing.

Each year a substantial proportion of revenue is invested research and development programs, allowing our highly qualified team of expert engineers to pursue innovative ideas, while paying close attention to the requirements of our partners and customers.


  • To provide India with products of the highest level of quality, performance and safety, at optimal prices.
  • To deal with customers with honesty & integrity, by guaranteeing that our products perform exactly as stated, and are manufactured to the highest safety standards.
  • To continuously innovate in technology and functionality to service the needs of our customers and partners.
  • To provide an unrivalled customer care service nationwide.