1. What is a guard?
    A Guard (e.g TVGuard) disconnects the power when the voltage goes above or below the set voltage limits in order to protect the appliance from damage. When the mains voltage becomes acceptable, the Guard automatically reconnects the power to the appliance after a suitable time delay. The technology is called Automatic Voltage Switching (AVS) which Sollatek invented and patented in 1983.
  2. What environment are guards and avs suitable?
    The Guard products are ideally suited to Metro and City environments where the mains voltage is fairly stable between 170V to 260V. However TVGuard and HiVoltGuard are suitable for areas which suffer from lower voltage.
  3. What environment is Stabiliser suitable?
    Stabiliser products (e.g. Fridge-Stab & TV-Stab) are required for areas with regular periods of voltage lower than 170V and higher than 260V and frequent/large fluctuations.
  4. Why is Spike/Surge protection important?
    Spikes and Surges are the biggest cause of damage to appliances and electronic equipment. They happen frequently, even in areas with stable voltage. Either one big spike/surge or many small spikes/surges over time can destroy your valuable appliance.
  5. Why is microprocessor control important?
    Microprocessor controlled Stabilisers & Guards allows for very fast reaction times to voltage fluctuation, and very accurate and fast stabilising and disconnection. This means your valuable electronic and electrical equipment is better protected from bad voltage.
  6. Which sollatek products are compatible with diesel generator?
    All Sollatek Products can operate with Diesel Generators and frequency fluctuations.
  7. Why is 3mins time delay required for fridges and a/cs?
    If a compressor is switched on and off in less than 3mins, the gases in the compressor do not have time to neutralise. This will cause the compressor to draw large current (amps) and overload.
  8. What is the difference between SVS and AVR?
    The SVS uses relays and the AVR uses the latest thyristor and triac technology. The SVS is suited for most electronic equipment, however the AVR is ideal for ultra sensitive and critical applications such as Medical Equipment, Telecom Towers (BTS), Power Substations, CNC Machines and large applications such as buildings.
  9. Do Sollatek Stabilisers require maintenance?
    Sollatek Stabilisers do not require any maintenance or servicing because they do not have any moving parts (unlike servo stabilisers).
  10. Why is low voltage damaging to compressors and motors?
    Low voltage leads to the compressor/motor using more amps, and the amps generate high temperatures which cause damage to the compressor windings and motor mechanisms.
  11. Why is high voltage damaging to electronic based equipment?
    Regular periods of High Voltage damage electronics and the SMPS inside appliances such as TVs.